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ready-to-go mini lesson

"Teamwork or Jigsaw" Method

This is a follow-up session to Lesson One, but could be used without the previous lesson.

The site being investigated is Genochoice.com

Divide the learners into groups of 2-4. Each group will choose one fact or claim on the site to fact-check as a group.

Display the site and have students suggest facts or claims that could be investigated. If you didn't investigate Virgil Wong in the previous lesson, include him now.

Elizabeth PreatnerAmong possible suggestions are:

Group Work
Give each group several minutes to fact check their selected fact or claim. Members of a team do not need to use the same search tools which improves the diversity of findings. Teams may use a Red Flag Chart (see Lesson One) to categorize their findings.

Call time and give team members 1-2 minutes to share what each person found. Then form new groups, with a member of each team on a new group. Each person serves as the expert for their investigation of a fact or claim. New teams share their findings, deciding what Red Flags they have found that causes them to doubt the facts or claims being made.

Make a list of the Red Flags.

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