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Top Tips

Each set of Top Tips provides on-the-spot practical guidance to empower your information skills in Searching, Evaluation and Ethical Use.

core competencies

DIF Core Competencies

This document outlines the competencies (or skills) for each phase of the Digital Information Fluency process model. Use this resource for developing lesson plans on information fluency.

event materials-conferences-workshops-courses

Event Materials

Easy access to the agendas, participant materials and presenter Powerpoint slides used in our workshops, conference sessions and online webinars.

digital investigato-language arts

Digital Investigator / Language Arts

Designed for middle and high school language arts classes, Digital Information Investigator training introduces teachers and students power searching, power evaluating, and ethical use of digital information.

website investigator-forensics-evaluation

Web Site Investigator (WSI)

This package helps students become thorough investigators through a combination of online case studies, tutorials and reports. Topics featured include how to find and evaluate authors, publishers, date and other critical evidence.

annotated links-information fluency

Annotated Links

Our subject index of Digital Information Fluency Internet links introduces you to the best of the best. Each website has been reviewed by our team. Annotations provide a thumbnail description of the resource.