How to Use This Site

Build your own lessons from the examples and tutorials found on this site or purchase a site license to unlock comprehensive resources that lead students to discover better ways to search, evaluate and cite information. Here are some easy and quick ways to get started:

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Search Challenges I

Series I starts with easy searches and builds to harder ones. Use to impress on students the need for search strategies--not just Google. More: How To Use This | Get Started

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Search Challenges II

Series II provides additional challenges (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels) to build competencies in Searching, Evaluation and citation. Get Started

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Keyword Challenges

Once students realize their need for more powerful search strategies, Keyword Challenges introduce six essential query strategies. Coming Soon

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WSI - Website Investigator

Four modules bundled with step-by-step tutorials help students evaluate Web sites. Investigative searching is coupled with submitting evaluation forms. Get Started

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Tips is a sequential set of examples and descriptions to improve searching, evaluation and citation Get Started

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Many of these explanatory guides require no account. Each one focuses on a different aspect of information fluency. Requires a school license ($49 for a year--any number of students) to access all tutorials. Request a preview account. Get Started

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Information Researcher

This is 21cif's comprehensive tutorial package, bundled with assessments that reveal students' competencies when it comes to searching and evaluation. Requires a school license ($149); a preview version is available to teachers. Get Started

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Plagiarism Dropbox

Make sure students know the types of plagiarism and how to avoid them. Requires a school license--part of the Information Researcher bundle ($149) or separate ($40). Get Started

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Citation Wizards

Choose your preferred style for proper citations: APA, Chicago, CSE, Harvard, MLA. Wizards makes formatting a breeze Get Started