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For resources used in Web 2.0 evaluation, refer to the Web 2.0 Kit

Resource Kit Features

resource: Evaluating Digital Information

Part Five of the series Five Things Today's Digital Generation Cannot do (and what you can do to help) discusses how searchers have to invent their own evaluation standards because schools are not teaching them.

resource: Podcast on Credibility

Frances Jacobson Harris, University Laboratory High School librarian (UIUC) and author of a chapter in a forthcoming book on Credibility, talks about Web page evaluation.

resource: "Calamity" Jane Austin

In this story Janice Cooper shares high school digital evaluation realities.

resource:The Critical Pastafarian:  Evaluation by Authority in a Web 2.0 World

Ryan Deschamps reflects on librarianship and authority in a Web 2.0 world.


Resource Kit Curriculum
Workshop Tutorials
Workshop Tutorials

The section on Investigative Searching is loaded with new ideas and activities to teach careful evaluation. Consider ways to use this resource in your class.

resource: QuickPick: Reading URLs

The ability to dissect a URL unlocks three powerful investigative searching techniques

Part 1 - Find the author or publisher


resource: Teacher's Guide: Personalized Evaluation Searches

How to use Rollyo, Swiki and Google Co-op to create personalized search engines for safe Web page evaluation practice at all grade levels.

resource: Quick Pick: Links To

Using advanced operators to reveal a Web page's unsolicited references.

resource: Teacher's Guide to Action Zone Evaluation Games

Recommended uses for the Bad Apple and Use It! or Lose It! evaluation games in this Kit, including tips and answers.

resource: Teacher's Guide to Bad Apple (Classroom Edition)

Recommended ways to use the five Bad Apple evaluation challenges bundled in the Classroom Edition of this Action Zone activity.

Popular MicroModules on Evaluation:


Resource Kit Action Zone Games

Transformer Car

Transformer Challenge

What make and model of car was used in this transformer sculpture? (Kits: Getting Started, Evaluation) This is a good challenge to reinforce the need to VERIFY information before using it.

Find the Date Find the Date - Interactive Tutorial

Having trouble finding the date of publication? If it exists you can find it using these intermediate searching techniques.

resource: Highest Lake Challenge

Find a credible source that answers the question, "What is the highest freshwater lake in Tibet?" in this Timed Internet Search Challenge.

resource: Cell Phone Challenge

Find the accurate date on which the Governor of Illinois announced that drivers under the age of 18 in Illinois could no longer talk on cell phones while driving.

resource: Evaluating Digital Information MicroModule Companions

Three interactive tutorials strenthen investigative skills for finding and evaluating authors, publishers and detecting bias.

resource: Use it? or Lose it?

Two different evaluation challenges (Shakespeare and the Air Car) to determine who is telling the truth.

resource: Bad Apple

Four different evaluation challenges that may be played by individuals.

resource: Bad Apple (Classroom Edition)

Five separate evaluation challenges that compare your investigative findings to those of others in your class.

resource MicroModule Companion: Bias

What makes an author's work biased? Detect bias in these examples from the Web.



assessment resources

resource: IMSA Evaluation Wizard

How to use our Evaluation Wizard to assess how well students evaluate what they find online.


Resource Kit Web Resources

resource: Vetted Links (Hoax Sites)



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