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Teaching the Basics

Five things every searcher should understand about online searching no matter what their age

1 There are three ways to search online

    Search engines match keywords
    Subject Directories are best for stimulating ideas
    Browsing is the slowest and hardest way to search

2 Effective searching depends on Keywords (choosing them thoughtfully produces the best results)

    Objects are better than Actions (who, what, where, when and why are better than how)
    Proper Nouns and Numbers are the most powerful Keywords

3 The first thing you find is not (all) the information you need

    Information at the top of the list is not always relevant or complete
    Every search result contains clues that will improve your search

4 The information you find may not be accurate -- Use information only from trusted sources

    Younger--search only trusted sources
    Older--investigate author (or publisher) and fact-check to determine if a source can be trusted

5 The information you find belongs to someone else -- you need to give them credit

    Information to be cited--the minimum: (who) Author or Publisher, (what) Title, (when) date found online, (where) Web address