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About this tool

Create a CSE formatted N-Y citation for an online journal article by filling in as many boxes as you can. In some cases, information may not be available. If so, leave those fields blank.

Format for Online Journal: Author(s) of article. Date of publication. Title of article. Title of journal (edition). [date updated; date accessed];Volume(issue):location. Notes.

Formatting is based on: CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers. 8th ed. Chicago (IL): Council of Science Editors; c2006-2018.

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Electronic Journal Citation (N-Y)

Fill in the information below required for citing an online journal article, N-Y format
Author's Last name

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Author's Initials help


Author's names in CSE are cited last name first followed by one or more initials. Do not add punctuation to initials--the Wizard does that for you as needed.

Article Title Published Year
Journal Name help

Journal Info

To save space, CSE suggests that writers abbreviate the titles of journals in according to the ISO 4 standard. For more information, look up ISSN, where you can also search ISSN's List of Title Word Abbreviations.

Journal Info help

Journal Info

Enter available information in this form: Volume number(issue number):pages. For example: 65(2):154-163 Don't add spaces. The wizard adds a period at the end.

Edition help

Journal Edition

If edition information is available, enter the number and abbreviate it, e.g., second = 2nd (the wizard adds ed. for you). Otherwise leave the field blank.

Date accessed help

Date Accessed

Leave this blank if the information you are citing was accessed today. Otherwise use this date format: Year Month Day or edit the result after pasting into your paper. Abbreviate the Month to the first three characters.

Date modified help

Date Modified

Leave this blank if no last modified date is available. Otherwise use this date format: Year Month Day. Abbreviate the Month to the first three characters.

URL or Database (DOI)