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Evaluation Wizard

Evaluation Wizard Help

Use the Evaluation Wizard to help determine the credibility of information found on the Internet. Use the wizard to record your observations and discoveries related to at least three of these criteria:

Author -- who wrote this information and what expertise does the author have?

Publisher -- who published this information and how does the publisher determine the value of the information?

Date -- is the information current and does that matter?

Objectivity -- does the information have a biased or limited point of view?

Links from -- where do the links on this page point and what does that indicate about the information?

Links to -- what pages have a link to this page and what does that indicate about the information?

Accuracy -- is the information accurate? Do the facts check out?

Evidence -- what do other sources say about this information?

If you need help finding important information (like an author's name), use one or more of these interactive MicroModule tutorials to enhance your investigative skills:

Resource Author Resource Author (WSI)
Resource Publisher Resource Publisher (WSI)
Resource Date Resource Date (WSI)
Resource Bias Resource Accuracy (WSI)
Resource Links to Resource Links to (WSI)
Resource Evidence (WSI) Resource Links from (WSI)