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Free and On Demand

Dozens of Search Challenges are available on demand to challenge and test students' abilities.

Read what Patrick Woessner wrote in his blog Technology in the Middle about using one of the Search Challenges with Middle School students.

Challenges for elementary school and younger students may be located in the Elementary Workshop materials. These resources are developed for workshops with elementary educators. Games and related activities are grouped in two categories: speculative searching (looking for information) and investigative searching (evaluating information).

Where specified, games are grouped by level: easy, moderate and advanced. The typical grade level ranges from upper elementary (5th grade) through high school. Materials may be used effectively with college-aged students as well.

Games are tied to Digital Information Fluency Competences and NETS for Students. A matrix of games by these standards is available here.

actionzoneWatch for the Action Zone sign - these are the activities designed for students


Timed and untimed Search Challenges isolate searching skills from keyword selection to database selection, the use of operators to search strategy to evaluation of credibility.

Many Challenges are flash-based and free. Some are no longer flash-based. See also Information Researcher for a tutorial and assessment package based on challenges that may be licensed for classroom or individual use.

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