15 Challenges

Achieve Information Fluency
  • Find it

    find it

    Improve speculative searching by knowing how and where to look for information, how to use keywords and operators, where to search, when to browse and when to choose other methods.

    Find information even when it is unclear where to look and how to get there.

  • Check it

    Investigate the source and content of information to determine if it can be trusted. Discover what respected sources think about the information.

    Determine the credibility of information by fact checking content and investigating the author, publisher, date and secondary references.

  • Cite it

    Use credible information ethically. Avoid plagiarism by citing information completely and properly. Know how to find the necessary information for a citation.

    Track down the details you need to cite information: author, date, title, publisher, and more.

Last Updated Apr 18, 2024