Identity Challenge

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How to play Needle and Haystack

Solve the Search Challenge using your best thinking and the clues provided. Clues must be deciphered and do not necessarily make good keywords. Each time an incorrect answer is entered, another clue is provided and a point is deducted.

Points indicate the difficulty level of the Challenge.

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How do you find the author of unidentified information online?


Why is this important?

Knowing the source of information online is important for at least two reasons:

  • Credibility: can this information be trusted? Since anyone can author information on the Web, knowing the author's identity becomes very important and useful in the evaluation process;
  • Citation: if you want to use information you find online in an original work or paper, you should cite the author's name if you can find it. This helps avoid plagiarism and fair use violations, both of which have negative consequences.

It can be done with a combination of querying and careful browsing

Name the AUTHOR of the background image (opens in new tab), using the clues provided

    Clue 1: The words all have something in common