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About these Games

How to play Search Challenges

Solve each Search Challenge using Google or another search engine. Hints are provided that can guide the search process. Each time an incorrect answer is entered, another hint is provided and a point is deducted.

Your earned score is displayed each time you complete a Challenge.

Each Challenge is worth up to 5 points. There are four Challenges in each series. A fluency goal is to learn from mistakes, not necessarily achieve a perfect score.

Introductory Search Challenges

Searching online can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Search engines certainly make the task easier, but they don't take thinking out of the process. Use these guided searches to improve your Search Box Fluency. This series of challenges helps improve your ability to locate not-so-easy to find information using Google and similar search engines.

A total score of 20 is perfect, but it's more likely you will earn less than that, depending on how many hints you need and your success using a search engine and browsing skills. A goal of information fluency is not to give up. Learn from the hints to be a better searcher.

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