Overcome Common Mistakes

  • Speculative Mistakes

    find it

    Due to the unpredictable nature of the Internet, searchers encounter a number of problems: Not knowing exactly what to search for. Not knowing how to turn a question into an effective query. Not knowing what databases to search. Using only one search engine. Not knowing how find effective keywords. Not knowing how to use operators. Not knowing how to use an unfamiliar search engine. Not knowing how to browse efficiently.


  • Investigative Mistakes

    check it

    The most common investigative mistake is the failure to verify or fact check information before using it. Since anyone can be an author online, it is the researcher's responsibility to determine if the information can be trusted.


  • Ethical Mistakes

    cite it

    A common digital research mistake that can easily be avoided is providing a citation for material taken from online sources. It is not OK to borrow text or images from online without including a citation.