election year bias

Full Circle Kit, Fall 2020 - Read the Feature article without a subscription. How to detect and evaluate bias during an election year. Examples from Republican and Democrat fund-raising letters.

Information Researcher

A refreshed Information Researcher package is back online! This assessment and tutorial package evaluates information skills and provides training to strengthen skills in searching, evaluation and ethical use. Try the Three Free Challenges to test your online search skills. These challenges require querying an unfamiliar database, fact checking sources and browsing for freshness information. All are valuable skills when Google can't deliver research findings or questionable information (fake news) needs to be checked.

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Finding the right information can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Except today
the haystack is the size of the Internet and not all of it can be trusted.

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Digital Information Fluency

Digital Information Fluency (DIF) is the ability to find, evaluate and use information retrieved online effectively, efficiently and ethically. DIF involves Internet and database search skills that start with understanding how digital information is different from print information, knowing how to use specialized tools for finding digital information and strengthening the dispositions needed in the digital information environment. Read about Model and Standards...


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Teachers, librarians and trainers improve their skills and, in turn, equip learners of all ages to achieve 21st Century research proficiencies. To make the most of the instructional resources on this site, see How To Use This Site.



Whether you are a student, already have a career or just spend time online, you need credible information. The alternative is misinformation, and that can be costly. You already have your own search strategies, but are they the most effective and efficient? Try this challenge

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