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Featured Link: 21CIF Citation Wizards

Wizards that simplify creating citations in the following styles: CSE, MLA, Chicago, APA and Harvard. The most extensive collection of citation wizards online.
Practice searching a webpage for the information you need to create a proper citation. Learn in a game setting that makes basic knowledge acquisition fun and informative.
This search strategy and citation assessment will check your mastery of search techniques and skills using two sources and a simulated citation generator.
A guide for interpreting the results of the Citation Challenge.
Provides MLA format. A subscription citation wizard provides a simplified MLA style citation for a wide variety of electronic formats.
This site provides an excellent online citation tool. Each citation you create is displayed in both MLA and APA formats. Another winner from the innovated David Warlick. Worth a look!
The power tool for graduate students.  Endnote works with MS Word and provides full format control of citations, bibliographies, and other requirements. Addresses most recognized styles.  Free Trial download available.
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