Annotated Links: Elementary Resources

Help us grow this resource! These pages contain links to web resources that many find useful in bringing 21st Century Information Fluency skills into the classroom. If you have suggestions for additional sites (or if any of these sites are not working) please write us:

This is a useful site for teaching children how to use the Internet effectively and safely. It will also help them to learn how to evaluate and cite the web sites they use.  This free professionally developed Internet curriculum from McMillian / McGraw Hill is designed for grades K-8.  The materials include lesson plans, teacher support materials, and an ISTE NETS alignment document.
Linda Joseph is a Library Media Specialist with the Columbus (Ohio) Public Schools. She has developed a rich site with a variety of materials. This link leads to the CyberBee Evaluation Guide. Here you'll also find links to curriculum ideas, treasure hunts, research tools, web projects, how-to tutorials and more.
Kathy Schrock should be on everyone's bookmark list. Her new site is rich in grade level appropriate materials about Internet search and evaluation skills.
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