Annotated Links: Fair Use

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This is the publication archive of the website. Extensive material including video explaining the concerns of documentary film makers. Of particular interest is the effect that pervasive copyright enforcement has on freedom of speech and the public's right to know. While fair use doctrines specifically mention reporting, social comment, and criticism, documentary film makers have felt stifled by the threats of copyright infringement lawsuits.
Fair Use Checklist for use with projects.
Best practices document. Fair use depends on the consensus of opinion in the user community. Courts take into consideration best practices documents should a copyright holder sue. Driven by professional media.
From the site: "Are increasingly heavy assertions of control by copyright and trademark owners smothering fair use and free expression? The product of more than a year of research, Will Fair Use Survive? paints a striking picture of an intellectual property system that is perilously out of balance."
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