Annotated Links: Financial Fluency

Information Fluency applies to specific types of information. One of the more important ones, in terms of personal risk, is financial fluency. The ability to find and use reliable information and online apps can prevent financial loss.

This comprehensive resource details various card scams, such as skimming and shimmering, and offers advice for individuals and merchants to prevent these schemes. It also provides clear steps to identify potential scams and take necessary actions if targeted. Helpful links are included.
Some take-aways from the article: How the rapid move towards online banking and digital services risks leaving older people behind. The importance of digital inclusion and age-friendly banking in ensuring banking systems reliably meet the needs of the elderly. Useful guidance to help elderly relatives or friends keep their finances safe when using their smartphones and the internet.
The University of Denver has prepared a resource that addresses these step-by-step financial technology (fintech) topics: Mobile Banking | Mobile Payments | Budgeting Apps | Cybersecurity Tips for Fintech Apps | Fintech Resources for Each Stage of Your Life
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