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Powerful Libraries Make Powerful Learners: The Illinios Study

The evidence produced by this study indicates that Illinois school libraries contribute measurably to the academic achievement of students, as reflected by their test scores. At all grade levels, test scores tend to be higher:

  • where access to school libraries is more flexibly scheduled, where school libraries are staffed more fully,
  • where school librarians spend more time collaborating with classroom teachers,
  • where larger collections are available, where educational technology is more widely available to augment the local collection and, generally, to extend access to online resources into the classroom,
  • where school libraries are better funded, and
  • where students use school libraries, both individually and in groups, to learn and practice the information literacy skills they will need to excel on tests and as lifelong learners.

~ Executive Summary, p. 118

This study was conducted by Donna J. Baumbach University of Central Florida in 2002. The Florida School Library Media Study was 1) to examine the library media resources, services and usage to capture an accurate picture of the status of Florida’s school library media programs and 2) to determine the role of media programs and media specialists on student achievement. The study was designed to replicate and expand existing studies in other states that have examined the role library media programs play in today’s teaching and learning environments and to examine several variables and relationships unique to Florida’s K–12 public schools.
The findings of the landmark Colorado Study of 1993 have been confirmed in Illinois. The research team considers the consistency of the data to speak for itself. The case is proven: Powerful Libraries Make Powerful Learners!
This is the landmark study that established the positive relationship between school libraries and student achievement. Keith Curry Lance is now concluding a ten year series of research studies that have proven what we all know: school libraries make the difference. This spring, Lance will publish the Illinois Study as the last of his research reports into the impact of school libraries on student achievement. The case is made. School Libraries Work! Will the decision makers listen? (This link provides information on how to order the complete study.)
One reporter's personal testimony on the importance of libraries.
This is the 'home' Website for all of the research, services, and information gathered by Keith Curry Lance and the other researchers from the Colorado State Library.
As part of its School Librarian's Toolkit, Scholastic has published a twelve page summary of research that establishes the significance of well structured library programs on student achievement. Included are references to all of Keith Curry Lance's research, as well as other recent research in this area. Lance's Ohio study is explained in detail. This document is in .pdf format.
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