Annotated Links: Rubric Resources

Help us grow this resource! These pages contain links to web resources that many find useful in bringing 21st Century Information Fluency skills into the classroom. If you have suggestions for additional sites (or if any of these sites are not working) please write us:

An excellent overview of rubric use and creation. Please read this article before reviewing the other resources.
Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - Assessment and Rubric Information with dozens of links to resources that include Collaboration Rubrics, Subject-matter Rubrics and much more.

Online Rubric Generators

A template driven system that helps you custom build rubrics for Writing, Science, Multimedia, and Oral Presentation activities. Another excellent resource provided by HPR*TEC.
Rubistar allows you to build your own custom tailored rubrics online. This is another fine teacher tool offered by the High Plains Regional Technology in Education Consortium (A.K.A.HPR*TEC). You can select from a sample bank or build a rubric from scratch. Some Spanish language rubrics are available as well.
This site provides a keyword searchable bank of rubrics. You can also build your own rubrics using their system. Once you design a rubric, you store it online. You can return to edit your rubric at any time. This system creates HTML documents. This site is a powerful and useful resource.
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