Annotated Links: Social Bookmarking

Help us grow this resource! These pages contain links to web resources that many find useful in bringing 21st Century Information Fluency skills into the classroom. If you have suggestions for additional sites (or if any of these sites are not working) please write us:

These tools let you store and share your bookmarks online.  Once you’ve configured your account and customized your browser it becomes easy to bookmark, describe and tag your Internet discoveries. Just click the toolbar icon and you will be prompted to save your bookmarks (including comments and tags) to the online service you have chosen.  Using social bookmarks means you can access your favorites from any internet linked computer.  Additionally, you can network within the community finding others with similar interests. You can then link to their bookmarks, or add the sites directly to your own account.  One crucial feature is the ability to create ‘public’ and ‘private’ bookmarks; there will always be sites you don’t want to share with the group. Social Bookmarking is a useful tool for collaborative research as well as online community building.

Delicious was acquired recently by Yahoo! This means ongoing support and development for one of the first and most popular social bookmarking services. Delicious is designed to make sharing second nature. You can subscribe to Tags, and have the system auto-search and update bookmarks related to any tag of interest. You can also create a network of fellow users; just copy the screen name of another community member and they go into your network, making it easy to monitor those with similar interests.
Diigo provides a suite of tools to organize and share links in the cloud. In addition to bookmarking, you can leave annotations on Webpages for other Diigo members.
Blinklist provides you with quick click access to personal lists, watch lists, tag browsing and tag creation. It is easy to search all public bookmarks. Blinklist automatically provides keyword-tag suggestions. If you find a tag combination you like, and RSS subscription is available. You can import bookmarks from your browser as well as Delicious and Furl. Other attractive features are the thumbnail pictures provided for the more popular sites and a convenient auto-fill feature that lets you copy and paste snippets into the description field of your bookmarks.
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