Annotated Links: Digital Workplace Safety

Help us grow this resource! These pages contain links to web resources that many find useful in bringing 21st Century Information Fluency skills into the workplace whether it is an office environment or working from home. If you have suggestions for additional sites (or if any of these sites are not working) please write us:

Information Fluency is relevant for adults as well as children and teens. Avoiding risks and adopting good digitally related practices are essential parts of today's work environment.

The chapters in this article cover the history of AI, a statisical view of how AI is used in business, how different business sectors use AI to enhance performance, types of AI, decision-making in AI, risks, useful links (additional reading)
This article has four chapters: An introduction to cybersecurity at work, Training your employees, Ways to train your employees and Maintaining best practices.
The three chapters in this article provide an introduction to wellbeing and screen time, responsible screen time and health and managing communications. Definitions and statistics are accompanied by helpful suggestions for workers and employers.
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