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Resource Kit Features

resource School is Out for Web 2.0 (archives)

Dennis O'Connor considers the power of 'authorship' and the implications of Web 2.0 technology when it connects with curriculum.

resource: Podcast with Will Richardson (archives)

Will Richardson, author of the popular blog weblogg-ed.com, talks with Dan Balzer about collaboration and online communities.

resource Podcast with Joyce Valenza (archives)

In this conversation with Joyce Valenza we talk all about Web 2.0 - what it is, how to evaluate Web 2.0 resources and how far the Internet has come in 10 years.

resource Joyce Valenza on Evaluating Blogs

Blogs are essentially primary sources and require new types of examination. Joyce provides questions searchers can ask about the credibility of blogs and bloggers.

resource The Critical Pastafarian:  Evaluation by Authority in a Web 2.0 World (archives)

Ryan Deschamps, author of The Other Librarian Blog, tackles Web 2.0, information authority and the role of the public librarian.


Resource Kit Curriculum

resource Creating Safe Searches

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a customized search engine.

resource Doug Johnson on Wikipedia

Doug Johnson weighs the pros and cons of using Wikipedia in school.

resource Using Wikipedia in the Classroom

This quick introduction to using Wikipedia as an instructional resource includes school and university projects, an educational template and suggested exercises.

resource Action Zone User's Guide

This guide provides recommendation for using Flash games in this Kit with students.

resource QuickPick: Web 2.0 and Bias

Some quick tips for discovering who is creating all this Web 2.0 information and whether there is any real substance to back up their ideas and opinions.


Resource Kit Action Zone Games

resource Blog Search Challenge

Find a blogger who talks about the top ten things he's learned from T-ball players.


assessment resources

resource Evaluating Blogs

This assessment and performance rubric are based on Joyce Valenza's questions to ask about blogs and bloggers.

resource Finding Relevant Results

This assessment is aimed at students' abilities to recognize relevant information in snippets obtained from Google Blog Search, Technorati and Blogpulse.


Resource Kit Web Resources

resource Information Fluency on CoolHub.IMSA

Request a free membership to start collaborating with the developers of 21cif and other practitioners like yourself.

resource Information Fluency Ning

You are invited to join our new Information Fluency Group on The TeacherLibrarian Ning.

21CIF joined forces with Joyce Valenza and the TeacherLibrarian SNing to build a professional social networking group for educators interested in information fluency, educational technology and library media studies. This is a way for us to talk, share ideas, and exchange resources. Help us help you!

resource Vetted Web Pages: Web 2.0 Tools for Educators




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