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resource: Q & A: Searching vs Browsing

Answering the question, "How is browsing different than searching?"


Resource Kit Curriculum

Live Searching: All about Browsing

There is only one way to search live pages: browsing. Knowing when and when not to browse is critical.

resource Help with Hypertext

Reading hypertext skillfully is compared to navigating hyperlinks.

resource: QuickPick: Strategic Choices

A guide that helps in selecting which type of browsing to use: exploratory, deliberate or random browsing.

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Resource Kit Action Zone Games

resource Zeus Bunnycam

Using only a Subject Directory, find the URL of Zeus Bunnycam Archives. (timed)

resource Soccer Directory Challenge

Find the url of a website that displays the results of soccer matches between International clubs prior to 1888 (timed)

resource Tag Searching

The goal of these three challenges is to use tags to find matching photos on flickr.

resource Lost in the Hyperlinks

Interactive video aimed at improving navigation through hyperlinks


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