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Resource Kit Features

resource Ethical Use

Dennis O'Connor explores how to teach Copyright and Educational Fair Use. 

resource Podcast with Carol Simpson

In this interview we talk frankly about copyright law and identify some practical ways to address copyright in the classroom.

resource QuestionCopyright -- Interviews, Chicago 2006

Karl Fogel interviews people on the street about their understanding of copyright (You Tube video)


Resource Kit Curriculum

resource Investigative Searching

If finding the right content information for a project or paper isn't hard enough, the search usually doesn't end there. Having to track down the citation information for an online source is a necessary requirement of ethical use.

resource Action Zone Lessons in this Kit

A teacher's Guide to using interactive resources, including the Sorting Hat Challenge and MicroModule Companions (citation, copyright and plagiarism).

resource QuickPick: The Four Factors Fair Use Test

The four factors in a nutshell.

Popular MicroModules related to Ethical Use:



Resource Kit Action Zone Games

Find the Date Find the Date - Interactive Tutorial

Having trouble finding the date of publication? If it exists you can find it using these intermediate searching techniques.

resource Plagiarism III : Science Topics

The third installment in this series challenges players to detect evidence of plagiarism when students use information found online.

resource Sorting Hat Challenge

This Internet Search Challenge requires finding the owner of the Web site. (timed)

resource Useless Facts Challenge

Find the copyright owner of the original list of useless facts. (timed)

resource MicroModule Companions: Copyright

Tutorial games that complement our MicroModule on Copyright; reinforces techniques used to locate copyright information.

resource MicroModule Companions: Citation

Three different tutorials aimed at creating proper citations.

resource MicroModule Companions: Plagiarism 1

The original plagiarism challenge: can you tell which students are guilty of plagiarism?

resource MicroModule Companions: Plagiarism 2

Part two of this series of tutorial games for improving one's understanding of plagiarism and how to avoid it.


assessment resources

resource Citation Assessment

An online assessment to help identify strengths and weaknesses in finding necessary information for citation.

resource Citation Assessment User Guide

A guide for interpreting the results of the Citation Assessment.


Resource Kit Web Resources

resource Forum: How Do You Teach Ethical Use?

Share your thoughts and suggestions about ethical use, instruction and learning.

resource Vetted Links: Fair Use

resource Vetted Links: Plagiarism

resource Vetted Links: Copyright

resource Vetted Links: Citation



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