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Resource Kit Features

resource: Where Pages Go When They Die

This installment of the Internet Search Challenge Blog looks at a painful problem and what can sometimes be done about it, thanks to databases.

resource: Do you (only) Google?

The second installment of the series "Five Things Today's Digital Generation Cannot Do" explores students' database choices and describes how to encourage them to search other databases.

resource: Deep Web

In this Podcast, SUNY Library Web Administrator Laura Cohen talks with Dan Balzer about strategies to find information in the Deep Web.

resource: Dennis Finds his Dreamhouse

Dennis O'Connor researched and found his new house online by using a series of Deep Web searches.


Resource Kit Curriculum

Three Choices Searching the Cache: Three Choices

There are three ways to search a cache: search engine, subject directory and browsing. Each has advantages in certain situations.

resource: QuickPick: Strategic Choices

Understanding how information is indexed paves the way to effective strategic choices.

resource: Quick Pick: Deep Web

Using Google to find specialized databases.

resource: Rollyo Mini-lesson: Inventors and Inventions

This sample lesson demonstrates how to create a personalized, "safe" search engine using Rollyo.

resource: Comparative Searching

Think all databases are the same? Think again. This 10 minute mini-lesson compares Google, Yahoo! and MSN with some surprising results.

resource: Invisible Web: How Can You Search It?

This self-paced MicroModule explains how to search the Deep (aka Invisible) Web. Audio and Video are included.

More popular MicroModules:

Resource Kit Action Zone Games

resource: Roller Coaster Challenge

Find how many rollercoasters are named Batman the Ride outside the United States in this Timed Internet Search Challenge.

resource: Air Race Challenge

Take this timed Internet Search Challenge to see how well you are able to find Deep Web information.

resource: Can Google google it?

This is our original Deep Web prediction game. A score of 50% or higher is the goal.

resource: Can Yahoo google it?

Can you predict better than half the time what information Yahoo! indexes and what it doesn't?

resource: Database Match

Test your ability to find links to Deep Web information on Web pages.

resource: Video: Invisible Web

This tutorial walks you through a basic understanding of the Deep (aka Invisible) Web.


assessment resources

resource: Knowing Where to Search

David Barr shares ways to assess how students think about searching databases.


Resource Kit Web Resources

resource: Vetted Links (Invisible/Deep Web)


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