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resource Taking Advantage of Operators

Carl Heine reports on common mistakes students make using Boolean operators and how it may be better not to use operators at all.

resource Podcast with Chris Sherman

Search engine analyst Chris Sherman shares tips on using operators and discusses new developments in search engines.

resource Three Operators to Know

In this brief audio segment, search analyst Chris Sherman describes three powerful operators that can be used to increase the effectiveness of a search query.

resource Saving Pinky's Pups

The hampsters are coming! Will the right search operator retrieve the necessary instructions in time?


Resource Kit Curriculum

resource Operators Tutorial

This interactive tutorial introduces and explains how AND, OR, NOT and Quotes work.

resource Best and Worst Query

This lesson utilizes good and bad examples to engage students in thinking queries that are potentially the best (and worst) for retrieving the desired information.

resource Pirates and Piranhas Users Guide

This Guide explains how to use the Pirates and Piranhas tutorial games with students.

resource QuickPick: Operator Smarts

A quick guide to AND, OR, NOT and Quotes: what they do, when to use them and common mistakes. Several exercises check for understanding.

resource Advanced Operators Explained (video)

Our YouTube videos that explain how and when to use advanced Google operators in field searching (inurl: allinurl: intitle: allintitle:) and restrictive searching (filetype: link: site: define:).

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Resource Kit Action Zone Games

Note: Challenges more than a year old may no longer be possible to solve

resource TV Search Challenge

Find the name of a TV episode that opens on a green planet with a red sky. (timed)

resource Slinky Challenge

Find the mission number of the Space Shuttle that first took a Slinky into space. (timed)

resource Pirates and Piranhas

Two interactive tutorial games that involve decisions about effective operators.

resource MicroModule Companion: Operators

Three different tutorials that include basic activities and beyond using Boolean and special operators.


assessment resources

resource Operator Assessment

Check your ability to use operators effectively in these performance-based challenges. (timed)

resource Assessment User Guide

A Guide to interpret the results of the Operator Assessment.

resource Assessment User Guide (pdf version)


Resource Kit Web Resources

resource Vetted Links: Operators



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