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May 2007: Outside the Box (Supplement Issue)

  • Features: Going in Circles | Podcast with Will Richardson, author of Webblog-ed, on connections outside the classroom | Outside the Searchbox: Creating Search Challenges

  • Curriculum: Using Bad Apple Classroom Edition | Using Keyword Challenges | QuickPick: Strategic Choices

  • Action Zone: Useless Facts Search Challenge | Elect Susie Flynn | Buffalo Keyword Challenge

  • Assessment: Online Optimal Query Assessment | Assessment Users Guide

  • Community Resources: New Online Course: Power Searching in a Web 2.0 World | Resource Kit Indices

Apr 2007: Ethical Use

  • Features: Ethical Use by Dennis O'Connor | Podcast with Carol Simpson, Univ. of North Texas, on copyright and education | YouTube Video: Copyright Interviews

  • Curriculum: Secondary Searching | Action Zone Lessons | QuickPick: Fair Use

  • Action Zone: Sorting Hat Search Challenge | 4 MicroModule Companions: Copyright, Citation, Plagiarism 1, Plagiarism 2

  • Assessment: Online Citation Assessment | Assessment Users Guide | Forum: How do you teach ethical use?

  • Community Resources: Copyright Resources | Citation Resources | Fair Use Resources | Plagiarism Resources | Resource Kit Indices

Mar 2007: Using Operators

  • Features: Taking Advantage of Operators - research on students' use and misuse of basic operators | Podcast with Chris Sherman, Executive Editor of SearchEngineLand.com | Saving Pinky's Pups

  • Curriculum: Three Operators to Know | Model Lesson: Best and Worst Query | Action Zone Lessons | QuickPick: Operator Smarts

  • Action Zone: TV Search Challenge | Pirates and Piranhas | MicroModule Companion: Operators

  • Assessment: Online Operator Assessment | Assessment Users Guide

  • Community Resources: Advanced Operators Explained (video) | Operator Resources | Forum: Are Operators Obsolete? | Resource Kit Indices

Feb 2007: Maximizing Resources

  • Features: Teaching Digital Information Fluency | Podcast with Carl Heine and Dennis O'Connor, producers of the Full Circle Resource Kit

  • Curriculum: Create a Unit | Model Lessons | Action Zone Lessons | QuickPick: Using Plug-ins

  • Action Zone: Diamond Search Challenge | Diamond Keyword Challenge | Snowsports Challenges | Can Yahoo! google it?

  • Community: Introducing Information Fluency Discussion forums

  • Web Resources: Master Index of Resource Kit materials | Core Competency Activity Matrix | Action Zone Index

Jan 2007: Web 2.0

  • Features: School is Out for Web 2.0 by Dennis O'Connor | The Critical Pastafarian by Ryan Deschamps, author of The Other Librarian Blog | Podcast with Joyce Valenza, author of the Neverendingsearch Blog talks about evaluating Web 2.0 resources

  • Curriculum: Wikipedia: Ban It? or Boost It? by Doug Johnson | Wikipedia in the Classroom | Action Zone Lessons | QuickPick: Web 2.0 and Bias

  • Action Zone: Blog Search Challenge | Photo Tagging | Silly String Campaign

  • Assessment: Evaluating Blogs by Joyce Valenza | Assessing Students; Blog Evaluation Skills | Finding Relevant Results

  • Web Resources: Web 2.0 for Educators | Interactive MicroModule Companion: Bias

Dec 2006: Evaluating Information

  • Features: Evaluating the Credibility of Online Information | Calamity Jane Austin | Podcast -- Frances Harris, University Laboratory High School Librarian (UIUC) and author of a chapter on Credibility in the forthcoming MacArthur series on Digital Media and Learning

  • Curriculum: Graded Evaluation Searches using Rollyo | Using Use It? or Lose It? and Bad Apple | QuickPick: Links To

  • Action Zone: Highest Lake and Cell Phones | Use It? or Lose It? | Bad Apple

  • Assessment: Using the IMSA Evaluation Wizard | Instant Poll on evaluation

  • Web Resources: Hoax Sites | Three interactive MicroModule Companions

Nov 2006: Finding Better Keywords

  • Features: Finding Better Keywords while Searching | Apples to Apples | Podcast -- David Barr, Founder, 21st Century Information Fluency

  • Curriculum: Curriculum Adaptation example | Using Snippet Sleuth Challenges | QuickPick: Nyms

  • Action Zone: Earthquake Toy | Keyword Challenges | Snippet Sleuth | Tutorial: Google Search History

  • Assessment: Using Search History Logs | Search History Forms

  • Web Resources : Search History Tools | Tag Clouds

Oct 2006: Recognizing Relevance

  • Features: Recognizing Relevance | GPS and Searching | Podcast -- Mary McNabb, Learning Gauge

  • Curriculum: Demo Search Mini-lesson | Using Gold Rush Challenges | QuickPick: Find Command | Hypertext Help

  • Action Zone: Air Race | Gold Rush Challenges (scanning) | Video: Find Command

  • Assessment: What are they thinking? | Poll--What's the hardest?

  • Web Resources : Reading Links | What is Relevance? | Browser Literacy | Interactive Tutorials: Reading on the Web

Sept 2006: Deep Web Searching

  • Features: Where can I find good information? | Dreamhouse | Podcast -- Laura Cohen, SUNY Albany

  • Curriculum: Database Mini-lesson | Comparative Searching | QuickPick: Deep Web

  • Action Zone: Rollercoasters | Archery Challenges (databases) | Video: Invisible Web

  • Assessment: Knowing where to look | Poll--Information Searches

  • Web Resources : Deep Web Links, Glossary

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vol 1.0

Preview Issue: Turning Questions into Queries

  • Features: What am I looking for? | Kitchen Conversations

  • Curriculum: Query Checklist | Lesson Integration | QuickPick: Questions to Answers | Creating Safe Searches

  • Action Zone: Piranhas Search Challenge | Keyword Challenge | Operators Tutorial

  • Assessment: Games as Motivators