DIF ModelWhy and How should I Cite the Information?


More Research Example

"ethically use information from a variety of sources and media"

Practice makes perfect. Here are more citation challenges for students, catalogued by skill level.

Have the students search for the author and write down or type the information for you, or hold up their hand for you to check their work.

Free Coffee for Voters <http://blog.nola.com/dining/2008/11/companies_offer_free_coffee_ot.html>

Author: Catherine Clarke Fox

Publisher: NOLA.com (New OrleansNet LLC)

Amazing Bats <http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/Stories/AnimalsNature/Bat-cave>

Author: Emily Fredrix

Publisher: National Geographic


The Dragon Kite <http://gddweb.org/dragon.html>

Author: DD Geert (Donker Duyvis Geert) [from contact email]

Publisher: same


The Daily Dilemma <http://www.goodcharacter.com/dilemma/dilemma22.html>

Author: Charis Denison

Publisher: Live Wire Media


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