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An annual group subscription gives you and any number of students access to all new resources plus every search challenge, WSI module, Full Circle Kit, Plagiarism Dropbox and Information Researcher. Institutional licenses start at $249.

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Wizard Tools: Search Wizard, Evaluation Wizard, Citation Wizard
Search Tips, Annotated Links
Lesson Plans (submitted by teachers and librarians)
Information Fluency Assessment
MicroModules 15 ALL
Live Search Challenges 7 ALL
Full Circle Kits: Articles, Curriculum, Action Zone Tutorials 1 ALL
Plagiarism Dropbox
Keyword Challenges (search strategies)
WSI: Website Investigator (evaluation training)
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Search Challenge Tutorials

search challenges IIBesides the 6 free Challenges, Search Challenges Series II incluces 47 separate tutorial challenges that may be used as self-paced or group instruction in browsing, querying, solving pesky searches, evaluating Web content and searching for citation elements. Each section begins with one free preview activity. New Challenges are added quarterly.
Search Challenges II

Full Circle Kits

full circle kitsFull Circle Resource Kits are designed to improve critical 21st Century research skills. Each Kit offers articles, curriculum, learning games and assessment tools for strengthening information fluency. Applications include staff development, library orientation, diagnosing students' needs and curriculum integration for elementary grades through college. Starting in 2017, Kits are published quarterly.
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Plagiarism Dropbox

Information Researcher BadgeOnce students complete Plagiarism Dropbox they can't say they were never told about plagiarism or how to avoid it. Two series of examples focus attention on recognizing and fixing different forms of plagiarism. Students are allowed to continue only when they demonstrate satisfactory levels of understanding. Effective for upper elementary levels through college. May be customized for your site.
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Keyword Challenges

Keyword Challenges

Move confidently beyond easy searches. Real research requires search strategies to make effective use of keywords and operators. Elevate your search skills with these 10 essential query strategies and 19 practice challenges.
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Website Investigator (WSI)


Practice investigative searching with four tricky cases. Is there evidence to support their claims? Who is responsible for posting this information? Step-by-step tutorials are included for finding the author, publisher, publication date, detecting bias, evaluating secondary sources, evidence and accuracy. Equip your students in the fight against fake news.
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Over three dozen tutorials may be assigned as homework or incorporated in the classroom. These lessons cover the entire range of Information Fluency from accessibility to citation. Members may request quizzes for selected clusters of MicroModules (e.g., Searching, Evaluation and Citation).
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