Market Research Evaluation Challenge

challenge level 2
game controller A top return for the query video gamers worldwide 2019 is this page from (a screenshot opens in a new tab).

Should this information be trusted? How can you know?

First, look at the Statista page to answer the challenge question: how many video gamers were there in the world in 2019? The chart gives the number The chart displays the number 25 for 2019; the scale on the left side says the numbers are millions. So, 25 million gamers is the given answer.

It's way off.

How can you tell?

Start by looking at the chart. Does it make sense that the number of gamers spikes from 2018? (maybe) And settles back down in 2020? (no)

Look also at the paragraphs that accompany the chart. The first sentence says, "there were also 2 billion video gamers across the world in 2015" and this is expected to increase. Yet the chart clearly reads 1.99 million. The logical conclusion is that the chart should be 'billions' and not 'millions.'

That's a mistake by a factor of 1,000.

So, is 25 billion the right number?

That's more people than live on planet earth. The only way to tell is to look for numbers at sites other than Statista. Their credibility is badly damaged. You have to question anything they have to say.

More searching is needed

The next step is looking for numbers from other sites that should know the answer. What do you find?

Use the same query as before to find other sites. Compare the numbers. What is a trustworthy number?

Google Yahoo Baidu
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