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The Air Car

the air car

For many reasons cars powered by alternative fuels are rapidly becoming more popular. Now along comes a car that that reportedly runs only on air. That's one of the cheapest and cleanest renewable resources imaginable--if it works.

Air Car Web site - Does this new car sound too good to be true? Can a car run only on air? Would you want invest money in this car? These questions require careful Web site investigation.

Here's an automobile that runs on the greenest, cheapest and most abundant fuel imaginable: the air we breathe.

The company Web site offers high-resolution pictures of the cars, video clips and numerous press releases. But can pictures and videos on the Web be trusted? Anything can be faked on the Web and an air car sounds barely believable. Additional evidence is needed to verify that there is really a car that is powered only by air.

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For this investigation, evidence other than pictures and press releases from the Air Car company are needed. What do experts say about this car? Is anyone able to verify that the concept works? Locate and evaluate information about the air car and the company from outside sources. Then you will have a better idea if this is a car you will want to own. Use the WSI Tutorials to help you.

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