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Ethical Use and the Web

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Tip #2 Use the browser find feature

When you are reviewing web pages to see if they are relevant and worth keeping, you may find yourself scanning pages in search of your key words. One way to do this quickly and easily is to use the browser's "Find" command.

Scanning pages visually can be time consuming and inaccurate. Using this automated feature of your browser can save you time as well as help ensure that you don't miss something, especially if the page is long and involved.

Click CTRL F to open the page search search tool (command F on Mac). When the dialog box appears, enter the term you want to find and click enter. Click the "Find Next" button to locate the next occurrence of the term in the page.

One qualification, however, Find only works if the web page is text based and not tied up in frames or complicated tables.

It's true that it USUALLY works, but sometimes it will take an old-fashioned scan to find the information. Double check with a precautionary scan - use it as a helpful tool, if you are certain that the site contains appropriate information do a visual scan before dismissing the site as irrelevant.