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Ready-to-use resources as plug-ins in place of a unit in research skills

Stand-alone mini-lessons incorporating information fluency are likely not as effective as a unit. Repeat plug-ins when appropriate and see how far around the Full Circle of core competencies you can get in a year:

  • Knowing what to look for
  • Knowing where to look
  • Knowing how to get there
  • Knowing if the information is any good
  • Knowing how to use information ethically

How to integrate Kit resources into exisiting lessons

Unless you teach a unit or a course in information fluency, you have to create opportunities to introduce and reinforce 21st Century skills in your classroom or library. While a series of lessons dedicated to online research skills is preferred, the most practical alternative is to use the games, assessments and other approaches found in the Resource Kits as plug-ins. The result is a lesson that blends the objectives of an exisiting lesson with training in digital information core compentencies.

A suggested approach

Look for opportunities to plug information fluency into exisiting lessons. This awareness is critical to the whole process.

Think in terms of core competencies. It is easier to find a connection with an existing lesson by matching objectives. For example, the first core competency is: "Learners identify key concepts in a research question."

Don't force fit plug-ins. Unless a lesson provides a natural opportunity to plug in the objective, wait until a better opportunity comes along. These are some of the more obvious, natural fits:

  • Any lesson that involves research
  • Lessons that involve brainstorming
  • Lessons that involve parts of speech
  • Lessons that involve vocabulary building
  • Lessons that involve reading comprehension

Select an appropriate activity that addresses the core competency. Consult our competencies/resource index for help.

Outline the blended lesson, looking for a sequence of activities that flows naturally in the time available. Look for ways to use the plug-in in place of an exisiting part of the learning experience, saving time and helping accomplish multiple objectives.

Evaluate the result and revise accordingly.

Practice it now

In the two lessons listed below, identify a way to incorporate the following core competency (and supporting activity):

  • Learners develop and apply vocabulary building strategies (using Snippet Sleuth or searching)

1. The Chickasaw Nation - Elementary Student Curriculum - Lesson: Chickasaw Removal

Suggested plug-ins for the Chickasaw Lesson

2. Password--Vocabulary Review (middle school, all subjects)

Suggested plug-ins for the Password-Vocabulary Review Lesson