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These pages contain links to Web resources that we find useful in bringing Information Fluency skills into the classroom. If any of these sites are not working please write:

This is only a sampling of sites that promote information fluency. For more updated content, see the 21cif Facebook page.

Essential Research: The Impact of School Library Media Centers on Student Achievement

Here you will find links to over 10 years worth of research that provides scientific proof of the positive relationship between high quality library programs and student achievement. Here you will find the evidence you need to promote (and defend) your school library media program!

  • Essential Research: School Libraries Matter!
  • Ripple Effect Readings

    We seek to generate a 'ripple effect' of knowledge about 21st Century Information Fluency Skills. We see the school librarian / media specialist as the key person to promote these skills. Here you'll find links to articles categorized into three areas of concern and chosen to provoke your thinking about the profession.

  • Advocates for Change
  • Collaboration
  • The Changing Role of Librarians
  • K-6 Resources:

  • Curriculum content appropriate for the Elementary grades
  • Search Resources to help you develop effective search strategies

  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Invisible Web Resources
  • Search Tutorials
  • Evaluation Resources: Web tools, tutorials, and guides to help you evaluate web resources

  • Critical Thinking
  • Evaluation Tutorials
  • Hoax Sites
  • Rubric Resources
  • Integrating Digital Resources

    Articles & Online Tools to help you put it all together with technology

  • Accommodation, Inclusion, Mainstreaming
  • Child Safety
  • Citations
  • Copyright
  • Fair Use
  • Financial Fluency
  • Online Video Databases
  • Plagiarism
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Teaching to Standards
  • Web 2.0 for Educators
  • Workplace Safety